Our Company

HOELSCHER Middle East Water & Infrastructure LLC begun its operation in the Middle East in 2010. The company found its root back in Germany that provides  comprehensive range of services for Water Management, Dewatering & Ground Water Control, Well-Drilling and Environmental Engineering.

From the original line of expertise HOELSCHER Middle East has ventured into other significant activities to cater on the demands of the local market, particularly in the construction and oil & gas sectors. 

Added scope of works include Water Treatment Plants operations and maintenance, onshore and offshore Oil and Gas Fields Services, Specialized Infrastructure and geo/hydro technical Consultancy Services.

What makes HOELSCHER Middle East Water & Infrastructure LLC a durable player among competitors and a chosen partner in the local marketplace is innovation - we provide our Clients value-added engineering solutions rather than limited conventional options, being flexible at providing our Clients cost-effective solutions to the services they require, skilled manpower with technical know-how in the geo & hydro technical fields and the ability to deliver projects consistently on time without jeopardizing quality and safety. 

HOELSCHER Middle East Water & Infrastructure LLC:

  • Brings the best technological innovations and practices to the industry
  • Provides the highest level of service and standards to our Clients
  • Sustains environmental care and preservation while doing our business
  • Builds a strong partnerships with our Clients, Suppliers and Prospects


The company motto "We make it work!" summed up how HOELSCHER executes its projects.